Many of us have dreams of what we want to become in life. Some will say “I’d wait until things are right” Thus, they wait for what they call the right time. Right time might actually be true, as it has been said that there is time for everything under the sun. But is anything ever being wrong with time?

The belief that there is time for everything under the sun has been a great excuse for most people and that is why they have never started anything. They keep on waiting till the time is right to start their dream. I always feel sorry, when I personally realized that most time, time is neutral, and how we are using it determines if the time is right or not.

Why not now should you start working on your dreams, goals, and what you want to become in life. Some of us might want to become a successful politician, yet we never have any time to think of what politics is all about, we never think of holding a post is our schools, communities, and so on. We always think it is not the right time, our academics might be affected, and the responsibilities might be too much. If we can’t handle the small position while still on campus, how are we going to survive with the bigger ones?

Why not now? Make use of today, and start from scratch. Start and fail; learning what you are supposed to learn, and prepare yourself to become great in the future ahead. We should not forget that what we are today is a product of the past, what we shall become tomorrow will also be as a product of today. If we are not starting today, how sure are we that we are going to become what we want to be tomorrow? What we become in life is a matter of the choice we make today and will not surmount to chance.

Life is like a chemical reaction, without required reactance with the right catalyst (and other factors), we should not expect any product. Why not introduce the required reactance’s, and add up the right catalyst of hard work in order to get the product you want. Life is like farming, whatever you sow, you surely reap. Why not plant your seed as early as possible, and start your life farming, getting rid of your dreams weed, engaging yourself into mulching of your dreams from life overheating, and watering it properly.

Why not stop giving an excuse for imperfection and start now. Many of us carry great business ideas, music, innovations, leadership skills, books, artworks, and so on. Things that can change generations for better inside us. Many people are still studying works of William Shakespeare who had died a long time ago since April 1616, more than 300 years back. Till now his works still have an influence on our generation.

Why can’t we forget perfection for a while and just start, why do we have to fear of not being good at grammar, not being so courageous, losing money into a business, Critics and so on? It is our life, not others life. We should have great thinking, but never waste time while thinking. We should start, but learn how to become better as we proceed. All professionals were once amateurs that conquered all forms of fear. No matter how good they might be, they also kept learning and improving every day.

Why not now, why wait till you have everything you need before you start.  Great companies started with what they had at hand. Remembering the story of three men which their master gave talents to, and went his own way. He gave talents to them according to their ability. The man with two talents never complained, he rather multiplied what was given unto him. If you refuse to use what your master gives to you, I fear you’d lose them just like that foolish man with a single talent. Why not start with what you have now. If you make a profit, more will surely be added unto you like the wise man having five talents. But which one are you among these three men?

What we should be more concerned most of the time is about our duration here. We neither know when we will be called upon to give account nor know when our master will return from his journey. Why not start to invest in your talents now, make your dreams come true, add value to yourself and others. Sun knows not what the weather has in plan for it, whether it will rain or not. Why not make your sunlight shine now before the arrival of night.

We should never forget that true living is not just by duration, but by great donation. Start now and make your own great donation.

Written by Akinboade Elijah Akinlolu


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  1. Dmp says:

    Nice one…

    1. Thanks for the sincere comment.

  2. BULLET says:

    Nice one…Love the way you linked science,agriculture and the Bible to explain your point…GREAT WRITE UP

    1. Thanks for the compliment. The writer expresses his profound gratitude.

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