I never knew there would come a day in my life so imminent when I’d have to sit back, see a clearer picture of my life and give God thanks for everything. Of course, I always knew God alone is to be thankful for but I never realized it has been too far away since I ruminated within me rightfully counting my blessings day by day. Sincerely speaking, if we live this life without having a second thought about what may happen next, we may as well miss a lifetime opportunity wandering around things that are not worth wondering about.

Most times, we all feel things would work out perfectly well just as we’ve imagined but in the long run, we forget to put God rightfully into the place where He best functions. You’re all into your preparations, drafting and making plans, yet you forget to involve the most important person in the universe into your affairs, that is why things get stuck sometimes.

An eye to see, an ear to hear, a tongue to taste and a nose to breathe are among the best gifts anyone can receive in this world. Yes, staying alive is good but staying in position is worth more. The greater need is to appreciate the gifts we have been given. What are you thankful for?

We take things for granted as though we are entitled to them. Life is difficult as it is but we make it more difficult when we expect to get back every penny that we have lost or when we impose additional limitations on ourselves. Everyone cannot always get it all, God decides.

I get lost in the thoughts of having a good life, exploring new lands, breaking new grounds, making new connections and enjoying unlimited passion for my work, yet I forget to just close my eyes, shut my mind and thank God for life, because truly if it hasn’t been God all through, who then am I. Imagine how ill-mannered I have been.

You never know how important today is, you truly never know. Take a moment, reflect back and thank God for sight. Faith may influence our decisions, but not at the expense of common sense.


Written by Ajayi Olubiyi

A Prolific & Multi-talented Writer who has written hundreds of articles published worldwide. He is a Google certified Online-Marketing Professional, Growth hacker, Editor, Content developer, and Engineer. Read more


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