We have all lied about this man being called a liar. Doing that which we accuse him of, we have shown to be worse than him. When things come in the wrong way, “the devil is a liar”- is what we all say. The devil tells us things that are true but we still believe it’s a lie! So many of us cannot come out to say to the world what lies the devil had told us at a point in our lives.

If you are tempted to steal and the devil keeps telling you that you’ll become rich if you bugle people’s house and take their property forcefully, has he lied? Will you not be rich when you rob the rich people of their properties? You will be rich, Evans is a billionaire just because he listened to the devil’s advice to abduct innocent people and live on ransom being paid.

Our religious bodies have given us insights about who the devil is, his characters are explicitly listed out in our holy scriptures. The Bible called him the “father of deception and lies” and that has formed the basis of our perception of the devil. Even, the practice of the Christians in Berea in the book of Acts went back home to see for themselves if what they have learned is true!

Now, have you confirmed for yourself if the devil is the “father of deceptions and lie” as the scriptures claim? We are the architect of whatsoever becomes of us, a lot of great philosophers have tried to tailor our thoughts and reasoning in this direction, all to no avail! We hold the devil responsible for everything that happens to us. Some have failed to be passionate about what they do, they have not for once sat down to know where they are getting it wrong, but you hear them say “that I will not make it? The devil is a liar” whilst staying glued to a pattern that has failed to work for them.

In all honesty, we all cannot be great, the devil has no input in this. Well, don’t get me wrong, the devil is crafty, subtle and had deceived a lot of people in the past, as seen in bible stories. My dictionary has helped me to know however that being crafty involves being deceitful, now it goes further to ask the question that “does deception involve lying?”  Merriam-Webster dictionary defines “deception” as: the act of making someone believe something that is not true: the act of deceiving someone or as an act or statement intended to make people believe something that is not true! With this, I can no longer defend the devil of not being a liar! (Smiles).

Although I still want to say that the devil cannot deceive us if we do not get swayed by untrue talks and not grounded in whatsoever we believe in. A popular man that was the main character in one of the scriptures was tempted by this man (the devil) three times. We can say he was not an ordinary being but remember he was in flesh like you. When we do not define who we are, the problem comes in, we want everything good in life without working, why will he not suggest stealing or kidnap to you.

We cause problems for ourselves and in our quest to solve them, he offers a solution. There’s no religion that teaches that the devil is unavoidable, why not first identify him and his handiwork so that he can flee from you? Let’s start to take the blame and stop blaming the devil, he comes uninvited though, but welcoming him is your own choice and decision to make.

Conclusively, we all owe it a responsibility to take charge of our lives. The devil does not lie to those that already know what the truth is, he will only tell a lie to the double-minded and the unbelievers.

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Written by Ogundahunsi Ayodeji


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