Out of the miry clay
Your heart was created
To accommodate my beauty.

I was made for you,
My beauty for your humility
And your power for my weakness.

You were my prince charming.
My indelible mark
That I carry with honor.

Your sweetness was never in question
But one thing baffles my heart.
Your desire to create scars on my beauty.

When my actions
Goes against your will
Your hands carved patterns on me.

The first time was a mistake
Which you apologized for bitterly.
And my love grew deeper for you.

Three months together now
And every day a scar to point at.
Your hands kept on mutilating my beauty.

You still claimed you love me
And swore never to hit me again.
Yet, last night, your hands smashed my face.

Tears don’t rain through
My cheeks any more.
My will is just another broken glass.

Was my beauty truly
Made for this beast?

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Written by Tokede Daniel

He is a writer of poetry and inspirational quotes which by every means necessary has evolved his environs into a more profound intellectual society. His simplified words and yet cogent messages in his poetry distinguished him from other poets. He is the writer of Parting Roses. His pen name is “solution_cares”.

You can contact him at


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