And if you
are ever going to do anything significant in life, you have got to leave your
idleness and work your way out of it; for life begins at the end of your
comfort zone. For you are not too small or too poor or too timid to continue
living in this world of ignorance. For this world is controlled by those who
dare to do something meaningful.
You can
achieve anything you want, all you need to do is re affirm yourself and tell
yourself you are going to be great and work towards what you have proclaimed
with your mouth; that greatness. If am right; you watch movies, you wish to
enjoy the atmosphere of nice places you have heard, you have role models and influential
people you look up to. Let me tell you, those wishes and thoughts won’t come to
your doorstep; you have got to work for it.
The truth is
that the older we become, the less time we have to stay on purpose and do the
things we were created to do. For when your passion is of your daily doing; you
begin to achieve those dreams step by step. Have little or no time with those
who think small, they tend to shorten your power of vision.
 We all have
our different races to run in life. You have to start running yours now because
you are not too small to Matter in this world.

written by Ajayi Olubiyi


October 12, 2016


October 12, 2016