What is it that is holding you back from achieving your dreams?
I guess its doubt. This awful thing called doubt is always ready to show up
when one wants to achieve great things. But to conquer this thing called doubt,
one needs to understand the principle behind it which is Fear; which tends to
rub you from even greater things.
All you need do is stay upright and be courageous, since you
know that no matter what you want to do, doubt is always there to put you back.
Therefore, you have got to say it boldly with all your might that you are going
to break through. Always have a reasoning that these things happen, you knowing
this puts you ahead and subdues that fear within you.
Die for a cause. You have got to leave your unscrupulous
thoughts and break forth into greatness. Sell yourself out, don’t ever stop
reaching out, never allow that doubt feeling take up your entire mind, you can
do it, it’s very easy. Just have at the back of your mind that you are close to
greatness that’s why those doubts and fear tend to appear before you and you
have got to nail it out.
written by Ajayi Olubiyi

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