Many times I wonder why the world we live in now is more of a show-off than staying low. I do not know how to voice my heart cry but through this medium, I believe I can. Cousin once told me, who are you if you do not belong? The term belongs mean why are you not blending with the current trend. I smiled but of course, was lost for words.

We are made to endure in this life of ‘if you can’t beat them, you join them’. The thought that keeps bothering me is ‘what has this life turn to’. My friend, whenever checking through his internet would smile and say to me, ‘Brother, I want to leave this country’. The truth about leaving ones country to another wasn’t clear to me all along but I never asked the reason why.

With time, I began to see the real world. I believe I have been living in the most hidden part of the world. What can be said of young males who sought after money and riches alone? What about the ladies that think about how they can be satisfied at all cost? We are all in a state of confusion; everybody. And then I thought to myself “is this what end time is all about?”

Peer pressure has the most influence on the decision making of one. We have only a little part in playing the role of who we truly are. Since we all know that we can’t go far without the help of one or two persons, how then can we find this true person? The truth is ‘no matter the good intention you have in mind, if you are surrounded by peers who are not looking in the same direction as you, it’s so predictable that you’d lose your path along the way’.

So, what can you do? Sit down and listen to these voices? I realize how simple communication can be difficult to execute. If you are walking your own path without having the belief that you won’t come across these peer groups, you are absolutely lying to yourself because they will come to you in due time through what you see them do. I decided to write this for those who are at their peak but are at a crossroad between choices from peers. For you not to be intimated, have the mindset that no matter your dream, peers are out there to derail you. When you see them coming, don’t run. When you see them doing things that will make them snatch something good you have wanted to have, try and get it. Everything they do, do the replica but with the right motive.

An example is staying physically fit and mentally strong if that is a way they can get to hurt you. Reading and digesting more books than they can never come across. Achieving little goals that they can never imagine. And of all, talking to your social media where they are, celebrating your success than they would ever imagine. That’s a way to compete and stay in such a competitive world between the outside world and your inner self.

The street is as a result of what has been and bringing it back to what it is, still has the tendency to be. If you believe in yourself, you can innovate and bring to life what has never been. It’s just a matter of the mindset that no one is successful until he learns that another’s accomplishments do not diminish his own.

Written by Ajayi Olubiyi

A Prolific & Multi-talented Writer who has written hundreds of articles published worldwide. He is a Google certified Online-Marketing Professional, Growth hacker, Editor, Content developer, and Engineer. Read more


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  1. Michael Oluwasegun Adesiji says:

    Your zeal to make the best out of others can’t go unnoticed, I am one of the beneficiaries of the eye-opening informations embedded in many of your priceless anthologies. Kudos to you for being a lamp unto the path of others. Bravo!!!

    1. Thanks for the compliment, Michael. Your writings brighten paths always.

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