It is almost totally relatable how people are tempted to take the easiest route to end the pain that accompanies life. It’s also really fathomable, how people succumb to the temptation and get it done quickly, as painless as sleep itself.

Life hits hard at times. Hurts can manifest, all at the same time, in almost every area of life. It might seem like the whole world has turned its back against you and then you have no choice but to turn your face to the god of death and say “Today.”

I simply believe it’s the amount of knowledge and application thereof that makes people cut life short because it hurts.

Maybe if they know that there are people who have had it worse than they are having it that moment and have pulled through, life wouldn’t seem so insurmountable.

Maybe if they realize that there are hundreds who are going through worse things but are still fighting and are determined to keep fighting, maybe they’d want to hold on longer.

Maybe if they realize that there’s a whole generation(s) hanging in the balance of their existence, they’d recalibrate and reorganize their thoughts.

Just maybe!
In the Bible, there’s a statement that there’s nothing that befalls a man that’s new, and whatever comes your way, you have the grace to surmount.

No matter how hot the fire is!
Maybe you might be bruised,
But don’t allow yourself to be consumed,
And believe me when I say,
You are powerful beyond measure.



Written by Okunsanya Abiola


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