To be sincere women are, sometimes, humoristic in nature. When they are in love, they are ready to become turn-me-to-what-you-like. They are a picture of love. When they are with their lovers, you will see the bright side of them. Smiles…

They tend to be taciturn. Only few of them get into the heart of conversation of their hubbies with other people. They will pretend as if their mouths are lucked.

Attention is the lost asset they are searching for in men’s abodes. If you want to win a lady’s heart, I tell you, pay her utmost attention.

Care is their lost diamond. You just help them find it and become their hero. Smiles…
Guys, don’t be too hectic. Share with them your time. Honestly, everybody needs attention.

Women are spiritually powerful. They can conquer even invincible warriors. Remember what one of them did to Samson. I beg, I hail you ooo.

They are very dynamic. As they can pull down the powerful man, they can also push a powerless man to the even highest level. Is it a lie? That’s women for you, guys.

They are also adamant with their decisions. If a lady decides to help a man, no one but only God can stop her. I like them for that.
In fact, ‘Behind every successful man, there’s a woman who corroborates it’.

Another thing about women is negligence. Many of them use half-functioning ear. If you correct them for one thing, believe me, they will do that thing again. They are sometimes unteachable. Well, I think, that is how they were created. “I’m tired of my wife” A man said with a frightened face
“She doesn’t listen to correction”
People around the man painted their faces with laughter.

I tell you; no man can convince me that he is patient, if his patience is not yet tampered with by a woman. Your wife may sometimes misbehave as if you are not her man. I wonder why. If they want men to follow their wishes, they know how they can do it. Eva persuaded the first man (Adam) to eat forbidden fruits. Please, guys beware of this.

Many things about women are remain unsaid. If I continue explaining women’s behaviors, I will use all day to do that. That’s the reason why I want to put a halt to this piece by covering my pen tip.

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April 24, 2017


April 24, 2017