I have always been a music fanatic, but this striking song sang by our very own Nigerian star musician Ayodeji Balogun popularly known as Wizkid got me thinking. I have heard the original song not once or twice but on this fateful day 14th of April, 2017, I listened to it and indeed I began to think about how the song writer started his career. The song talked about how he goes out poor, worn out and mediocre in his early days, how things were so difficult and how he was hustling to create a future for himself.

And then, I started ruminating within myself how this song writer has gained so much influence and affluence across the world today. He said something in the song I held to my heart diligently “I hustle to work and these things got me thanking God for life”. He said he will always thank God for the things He has done for him and I believe that’s upliftment from the mediocre life to the Fulfillment life. I am sure when he was starting his career; he had role models and mentors in the music industry which he looked up to then of the likes of Late Fela Kuti and a few indigenous and foreign artists.

But look at it today; as I am writing this, he is still the most sought after musician in Nigeria and I can also say Africa too because Nigeria is the giant of Africa. Now those people he felt he couldn’t get to meet, reach, connect with, now with his current status, he has the opportunity of meeting them and even singing with them if need be . The song writer’s video also has a story to tell of which he was inside a yellow bus, and that should give you a meaning of when things were difficult; now he can fly on any air plane and drive in any vehicle of his choice.

You must wait for your own moment and that is what I will be deliberating on in this article, you must learn to wait for your time regardless of the situation you are in now. You will become rich and wealthy today if you worked hard last week and not if you type Amen on what we call the most trending prayers on internet. “The problem about people who wants to be rich and famous today is that they want to go through the quickest way which is not often the safest way”. I want someone out there to just read this article as I am writing it now with thoughts about the future in sight. There is always a set time appointed to you and I under the sun when the days of adversity will come to an end.

I would love you to listen to the music if at least you don’t get to watch the music video, and learn the lesson from the music. Remember, there are lots of ideas and advice out there; it’s your choice to choose the best and do away with the rest. I believe someone’s good day is near, I just believe something great is going to happen soon, all you need to do is keep working at it; don’t stop. For with prayers and supplication, do make your request known to God.

These are some of the lessons I gathered up about this article which if taking into consideration will benefit and improve your way of life, I will leave you with these five great quotes to help you get pushing when life’s battle seems tough

  • You will become rich today if you worked hard last week
  • Wealth grows wherever men exert energy
  • The hungrier one becomes, the clearer one’s mind works
  • Start giving the world the best you have, knowing that the best will come back to you
  • Learn to believe in yourself.

That’s all, thanks for spending that precious time on reading this.

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April 22, 2017


April 22, 2017