Remember that night you told me we can’t be anything but mere friends, how I wish you could feel the way I felt that sad night. For all I wanted was a chance; a chance to prove my feelings, a chance to make you believe I was definitely not the most perfect one but the right one. And all I wish now is for you to sit down and relax putting together your mind and heart to what you just concluded. For sweet pains reside within me at the moment; I can’t even pray for a sweet dream in my sleep because I am absolutely out of having anything sweet.

You and I together could have proved everything I ever wanted, but indeed you told me your heart-cry that you are not willing to be in a relationship with anyone and am the least on your mind. I wept within me all night because in my entire life I have never proved my worth so much as I did for you. Indeed life is a game of chance, you get hooked over someone and the opposite sex doesn’t feel the same, wouldn’t you say we are living in a cruel world. For when two people reason together neglecting all odds, all things are possibly meant to work out good.

Every person’s decision must always be respected. Sure, it must. For I am glad not because you gave me other choices of which I have learned from, I am solely glad because I told you the way I felt and that settles it all. I was ready to go down with everything I had with you, but you couldn’t just see that light at the end of the tunnel. At first, I was scared to break my heart feeling to you thinking it wasn’t right and I should just stay calm with myself and give us both more time to grow this feeling. But something kept pushing me telling me if I left without saying anything, I might never recover from such a dilemma.

I have never felt this way before not to date back to my high school days when things just happened just because it was all meant to happen. I broke everything down to you, though I wasn’t ready I felt it was another time to show it. And the expected happened again only for you to say everything should be erased and nothing can happen, not even a mistake. I appreciate you telling me what your heart configured but I can’t help to stop those ringing sound of your solemn love in me. I left with this stench of heart-break and melodies of Silent night; Holy night all in my memory. Indeed life is something worth more than just being uncertain over anything we tag unimportant.


Well, we all have to face these barriers and difficulties in life, it’s part of the price we pay for living in this world. But just in case you don’t know to anyone reading this, life is a game of one stone to one bird. If you spend more time proving your worth to someone, please remember your value. I guess it’s time you moved on and get ahead in life. For these happenings happen because there is something out there you still need to chase and that might be maybe success. Achieve that success first and see what comes next. For it is better to communicate your feelings not only in words but in action, by so doing you know you are justified. “MOVE ON…” just remember that theme.

I leave you with these five inspiring lessons to help you get ahead in life whenever you find yourself in this kind of situation. I will urge you to take-in these quotes, and dwell on them

  • The pain will leave you when you let go
  • Holding on is believing that there’s a past; letting go is knowing that there’s a future
  • Stop worrying about what you have to lose and start focusing on what you have to gain
  • Don’t be so completely to others that you do not belong to yourself
  • It is the weak who are cruel. Gentleness can only be expected from the strong

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