Everything I have possessed in life, I got from God free of charge without paying a dime.
Everything I have prayed for in times past, all I have received without any held back.
Everything I have experienced in life, it was all for a reason. God knew best.
Everything I have that has made me move ahead in my career, it was all God’s plan.

Now tell me, who am I that have received great and wonderful things from God and wouldn’t speak of His mercies.
Tell me, who am I not to return everything back to HIM.

I still remember that night when I couldn’t sleep because I wanted God to speak to me.
I wanted to be a writer so dearly but circumstances wouldn’t let me.
Even when circumstances set me free, writing and publishing websites wouldn’t let me in.
I asked why, why and why. Would I ever be a writer at all?

Of course, what’s the worth of being a writer when no one reads what you have to say?
I was becoming desperate to see myself get published anyhow it took.
Many writing firms turned me down and said my articles weren’t good enough.
Even my own country Nigeria couldn’t accommodate me in any writing industry.
But I knew there was something more to my story. I just wouldn’t give up.

Most nights I cried. I asked myself questions I couldn’t answer.
But then, a particular night came when the heavens was ready to hear me out.
“Create a blog of your own and publish your writings there” was all I heard.
Immediately, I got a pen and paper and began to write down the vision.

Remember these statistics;
A few days ago, I was hungry for more
A particular night, I heard a voice
A few days later, the vision became a reality.

I started publishing my own writings and was grateful for the 20 constant viewers.
I was becoming fulfilled every day helping other writers get published.
I knew what I went through, I never wanted any other writer to feel that pain.
Encouraging writers and believing in them became my lifestyle. I was joyful ones again.

Fast-forward to today, Commune Writers Int’l has become a global success.
Not just by being among the Top 100 best writing blogs in the world;
Or the numerous international awards and recognition received year after year
Or the 100k + visitors that stream the website month after month?
Everything, I give back to God.

Rejoice in your humble beginning. Aim high and don’t stop investing in yourself and your career. If you do, the sky will not only be your limit but your starting point. Here are a few words that will encourage you to do more with your life and end mediocrity in your mind:

  • The man who comes up with a means for doing or producing anything better, faster or more economically has his future and his fortune at his fingertips.
  • In every group of individuals, the person who can absorb, integrate and apply the greatest quantity of essential information will eventually dominate all other individuals within that group.
  • Learn to love your chosen vocations, this is one of the reasons you will succeed in life.
  • You never have a chance, you create an opportunity and back it with persistence until it makes you richer.
  • God seems to throw Himself on the side of the man who knows exactly what he wants, if he is determined to get just that!

I love reading and you should too. Begin year 2019 with a willingness to invest and improve in your life through reading. The inspirational words written above were extracted from these three thought-provoking and mind changing books listed below. Get these books. Read and digest all it has to offer.

  • Create Your Own Future         – Brain Tracy
  • The Millionaire Mind            – Thomas J. Stanley
  • Think and Grow Rich              – Napoleon Hill

Cheers to your Success. See you at the top.

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