It pierces my soul, yet numbs my body
It envelops me, yet it’s hard to decipher
The torment and scourge of a disease
Which becomes a painful experience.

It’s a pain I didn’t seek nor can I discard
Creeping in and refusing to return to its nether world,
Invaded are my bones, and weakness engulfs me
All in the agony of a deadly virus so crucible and fast killing.

Unpleasant yet necessary is pain, but this we do not pray for
Humbling and disenabling, putting everything in disarray
Caused, and still causing so much panic and shemozzle
Wishing that I could guide its cause and proffer solution.

The world seems to be in confusion
Because of a virus which began in China
An acclaimed country, which seeks world power
A virus ravaging the world and Killing at a faster pace.

People are dying as if it were lofty
The number of death so alarming and voluminous
Infected people very numerous, yet escalating
Number of new cases still on-increment.

There seems all hope is lost
Medical practitioners in search of the cure
The vaccine or treatment, yet undiscovered
Everything happening so mysterious and unrevealing.

What we resort to is precautionary measures
Staying at home, avoiding crowds and distancing
Especially from people who manifest the symptoms
Getting sanitized, and washing hands regularly.

The cries of the poor become a nightmare
The agony of the hungry and homeless so terrible
Fast killing even than the acclaimed virus
Oh, what a painful experience of the poor.

Our government seems quiet and slow to act
Even as the reality of this pandemic threatens us
The enforced lockdown seems not helpful, because starvation and boredom
Has become “COVID-20” more deadly than his younger brother.

Publish with us today

Seems our government are in a luxurious slumber of escaped
Perhaps savoring and devouring the trillions and billions of money
Meant to combat the disease, and bring relief to the people (poor)
We beckon that they rise, do the needful, and alleviate this pain.

The horror of pain reveals the beast in man
While the love that heals pain gives hope
Pain brings out the opportunity to become
The beast we loathe or the saint we admire.

Let us cling to God to stop COVID-19
Let us become more fervent in prayer
Let us adhere to the precautionary measures
Let us prepare for the time might be near.

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Written by Anijah Ifeanyi


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