I know a nation
A forsaken nation
Immersed in a pool of corruption
A habitat to money-devouring animals.

Blessed with rainfall of earthly resources
Yet largely consumed
By man-pests and pot-bellied vultures.

I know a Nation
Gigantic in poverty
Midget in economic advancement
Horse-like in downspin
Snailish in projection.

I know a Nation
A snake-pit to the wailing doves
A heathen maggot to the globe.

An assembly of myopic religionists
Free from natural disasters
Yet rampaged by terrorism.

I know a Nation
Gloomy and grievously forlorn
A tree of brainy seeds,
Yet productively inefficient.

From the look of things
The sun may never lose its veil
As the drummers haven’t stopped beating
Her people may suffer until the very end
And their deceitful smiles may never end.

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Written by Adesiji Michael


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3 thoughts on “THE DILEMMA I KNOW

  1. May God help us all in this country. I like your choice of words you used in the poem. You are a good writer

    1. Thanks for the compliment. The Writer expresses his profound gratitude.

  2. May God help us all in this country. A very good write poem. I love it.

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