No sane human goes about an act without an aim or purpose. However, if the result is not achieved, the reason is defeated.  When there is desperation towards achieving a goal or there is perceived covetousness, there is always a lingering problem.

“Killing two birds with a stone” is an old phenomenon that has actually misguided so many people especially the younger generation.  This is not to say that such is not attainable, it could actually help to achieve results faster, but the modification of that phenomenon is a problem. A lot of people want to kill so many birds with few stones.

Instead of aiming for just a bird or two, thy spray their bullets anyhow and end up with no bird in hand. This is the picture of many people out there, or even you!  We want to become “Jack of all trades” and end up being “master of none”. Do you know you can become Jack of many trades and master of all for real?  Yes, you can!  But probably not at a definite time, but by a gradual process; mastering them one by one.

The problem you have now is that you want to be a fashion designer, you want to be a hairstylist at a time. Truly, you can be whatsoever you want to be, once you believe that these things will probably not work out at the same time.  We all aspire to be one of those few that call the shot in our society but that must not translate into being over-ambitious.

Hey, you’d better stick to one thing at a time; master that one thing first. Aim for just a bird, kill it and come back for the others. Must you shoot patternlessly without killing any?  You are doing all these things because you believe in your ambidexterity, I know.  Think about it twice, I will say.  Why not go back to the drawing board and place your goals or desires on a priority scale?  Probably, taking them one at a time will yield results. Save your bullets, stop shooting sporadically!

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Written by Ogundahunsi Ayodeji


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