And they both had different pasts just like it has always been way long back. The story of a dancer lies solely within dance and that is how you feel when dancing is in you but do not live to prove it. And he remembered those moments with that one person which always seemed like eternity. He still remembers it quite every day the love he possess within not until fate decided to walk its path down memory lane. He thought the love was never going to die but because we live in a world where we know not what will happen tomorrow; his latter later affected his present. All seemed to have died; feelings weaning and the best pieces on heartbreak actually written those moments.

Not until someone walked up into his life again and brought back old times. He wouldn’t forget his first sight experience with her because it was overwhelming. He knows now how it felt to be in that same entangled feelings called love. He would rejoice in his youthful days not because he tried hard to forget about his past but because he fought to keep progressing with his strength despite his hunting past. He would sit patiently in his mind to tell him what he has found and what he found caught good. He is feeling the way he felt way long back but now with a greater instinct of surviving this.

He is writing this because he knows exactly what he has been looking for and has found it. First time kiss with someone, they say lasts longer in the heart of one than a terrific cancer. He would remember those touches and warmth and wouldn’t want to forsake the heart of one that makes him happy. All he needed, he has found. All he witnessed, he has seen. That became his beginning from the end.

And he is solemnly saying this from the bottom of his heart that he truly loves her and only if she would give him a chance; just one more chance. She knows where to find him. For he has seen heart broken into pieces and seen pieces of love mould into Trust. He knows that now that things might fall apart but love will bring them back together. That indeed she would become what he has already saw, that book he longed to write titled “And she was”


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