The heavens are in merriment,
No cause for the sky to weep,
The sun is smiling so bright,
An omen of a joyous day.

Two separate yearning hearts,
Dovetailed to become one,
Now they’ll thread the same path,
No more being far apart.

Which euphoria feels more better?
Than finding your soul mate,
Though the sky houses diverse things,
But the heart only needs a sole mate.

Which sight is more pleasant?
Than seeing the smiling face of the bride,
All dressed in white like an angel,
Overflowing with beauty and pride.

Who can ever be more happier?
Than the handsome looking groom,
Basking in the euphoria of the day,
At last he found his boon.

Who can ever be more eager?
Than the single lovely bridesmaids,
With their waiting hands in the air,
Anticipating the banquet.

It’s a day of joy,
With feelings of love,
Excitement overflowing,
Finally the soul found its mate.

Written by Olanrewaju Trimizy



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