Focus on my weary body
Not my beautiful look,
Leap into my heart
And feel my distress.
See me beyond
These scribbled lines, and
Have a zip
Of my mixed emotions.

Read my unwell state
And tell me to sniff it off,
Tell the birds
To sing me the healing lullaby,
Never forget to place
My night coffee by my side,
Cus I’m stuck in
The beautiful danger of night’s drought.

Wear out my lines
As the walking truth
Of my mind’s mirror,
Blunt your view to
The originality of this art,
Read me inside yourself and
Feel me in your arm,
See me bolder and clearer.

See my bend shadow
As the real image,
Don’t let
Any of my weak bones untouched
With paraffin;
Oil my broken wings, and
Mend my joints back to normal.

Know that, I wept out my feelings,
These lines I fussed
Is the other side of flexing nature,
Leverage into my ill-self, then
Save my faraway-nearby soul,
And block its flying exit
To the next phase of outer world.

Written by Abdulrouf wasiu


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