This is total insanity, preaching not eternity,
She is committing atrocities, losing identity,
An enemy like a companion, no one is ready for her matrimony,
Should will call it an unaware scenario or peaceful acrimony?

Lord, she is confined, she needs peace of mind,
Her happiness has been entwined with a bitterness that has inclined,
She has therefore opined to your decision that is divine,
She is weakened by the oppressed, Lord, please indict.

I pray for the battlefield to be clear,
For the presence of the bloodshed to disappear,
For the election that is near to be free and fair,
I believe your glory will shine from the beginning to the end.

Many have foreseen doom, with this, may she be disappointed,
Possibilities of choosing from two evils, keep her from transgression,
A great transition looms, let it be for the better,
When this bridge is crossed, let her look back all smiles.

The bad state she’s in, may she never again desire;
May this be a worse yesterday when tomorrow she sees.
The bad men of today and before, heroes will never be;
When compared with those to whom the mantle will be delivered.

The dry bones of education may she receive not,
May the patients and economy be robust again,
In her areas of glory and new heights alike,
May she be truly a giant, when for her a man you choose.

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Written by Kunmi Akin’s


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