I will never tread that path
Though my parent had different paths

Mom wants me in mosque
Dad calls me pastor
I was preached to, to stupor
And I gave everything a thought and pause

Teacher taught me maths
But mosque gave me mats

Doctor gave me prescription
But the pope wants my confession
Bricklayers built my mansion
But the church promised salvation

Architect drew the plan
But the church wants the land

Banks keep my money
But the mosque shared my money
The pastor wants my last penny
Despite having many

The church want my offerings
Hustling became tight
Even when am suffering
They still want the tithes

They enjoy luxuries
For selling us prayers
Cos of our miseries
And they become prey-ers

Tell mom not to be sad,
I left d mosque not God
Tell Dad not to call me bad,
I’m not against d lord.

I only choose humanity,
Till eternity…

Written by Rabiu Omotoyosi



October 5, 2019


October 5, 2019