Life is a roller-coaster they say,
But Karma is a bitch, that’s certain,
Some say; karma is that thing you get in return for who you are
While others say; karma is that thing that always comes back to you for what you’ve done.

Either way, karma is that entity that says
‘You can’t have your cake and eat it’.
Does that mean karma is life?
Or life is karma?

For all being with breath
Still always have to go through a recycling process.
For what you’ve done will always come back to you.

Anyway, you must have lived,
Know that this life is only for rent.
‘Cos at the end,
We all have our report-sheet with a supreme being.
One who judges according to how well you lived the rented life.

And whether you lived the karma life or not?
At the end karma still catches up,
‘Cos that dictates what the afterlife will be.

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Written by Adegun Wuraola


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