A woman gallant in nature

Full of life and laughter
Shinning like the morning star
Nose pointed as that of a snowman
Where can a woman as virtuous as Ruth be found in this world?
Splendid in character
Graceful like the morning dew
Refined by the hurdles of life
Came out strong as the gold through fire
Glittering as gold
Many know not what passes through her thoughts as she steps
diligently like a Princess.
A woman made strong by the hurdles of life
Diligent in her works
A woman whom the whole world hold in high esteem
Her charade like a unicorn admired by men
A woman that passes through fire and made fine by its events
Who can find a woman as pure as snow?
Where can a virtuous woman be found?
Who can find a woman strong in mind and might?
Delicate as the rose and beautiful like the unblemished RUTH

Written by Adegun Wuraola

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