And it  happens almost
all the time, it’s what we hear, it’s what has stood for several decades of
years, we hear of it that no matter how successful one is, that person is still
inflicted with a problem, a problem in which its money can’t buy or take away.
And we grow to believe this fairy tale become true; the
nuggets of life we have to imbibe into our senses. And we begin to ask one
another how we perceive it, for the fear of these things creep our ambitions
and dreams away. For as long as you desire to rule, to change something that
isn’t right or to put something right, you must be fully involved questioning
yourself maybe the risk is worth taking or not.
For you must be prepared to face the battle life presents in
order to achieve success.  Unfortunately,
many people do not realize that almost nothing is ever accomplished by anyone
without their having spent some time at it, thinking about it, and analyzing
it. It depends solely on you maybe you want to take the risk and impact or rank
among those poor spirits that knows neither victory nor failure.
For everything invented by men in this world has something
sacrificed for, the most dangerous day in your life is the day you do not have
a dream Big enough to require uncommon faith. Take the lead, listen not to
words of discouragement; you are aimed for the best. Pay the price and get the
 written by Ajayi Olubiyi

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