Blessings sometimes become curses; please know this

That goodwill begets opportunities is not always the same.

Likewise, a good fortune cannot be judged by mere beginning

For there was once a product which seemed like a blessing

But days, months, years went by and nothing to draw out.

Thus; it became the talk of town of what blessing it was

Even to the carrier, he became a confused burden to himself.

For the product lasted like forever in his hands

When colleagues seems to have gone far.

And the carrier began to check and balance, observe and record

The progress of his colleagues of which they started together.

And knew definitely the blessing of which he possessed had drained

Of course he won’t be able to talk while friends are speaking

Because he knew he wasn’t up to their standard he guessed.

For he is extremely faced with various options to choose from

Either to sell the product and keep the fund to raise another

Or to put aside the product on a temporary basis;

To keep everyone mute about the situation at hand.

Because he knows this for sure “everything is on him”

And he is saying this to you that blessings sometimes become curses

Only to an extent when you cease to develop your product

And fail to upgrade to the level where expected.

Therefore, develop yourself in whatever way you can

So that you won’t be left behind when others have gone ahead.

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