I do not believe there are faults in my stars
I do believe there are stars in my faults
Regardless of accumulated scars
And sad memoirs of which my heart acts as vault.

Peace to the yet unborn
Untouched by the test of life
Peace to younglings snatched from mothers’ breast
With pains anguish sown.

Peace to youths of Shattered dreams
Especially to those who are yet to lose hope
Even when hope of success is slim
How i wish failure could be washed away with soap.

Peace to the old
Who face a tale of life’s vicissitudes
A tale which can’t be wholly told
For it’s of immense magnitude

And peace to you father
For while i was all alone
And i could run no further
For you and your wisdom, i wish to return home.

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Written by Obinna Neboh


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