Sleek and sparkling in appearance
Smooth and sumptuous to the eyes
A Lass to behold in a dance
All shiver in her presence
Omolara, the diva to the gods
Picked and selected to bear their cross
Poise in structure and elegance
Perfect in your artistry
Created by the best artisan
Omolara beguiled her rivals
With legs so straight like the giraffe
A marvelous sight to behold
Elegance has found its new look
Aphrodite relinquishes her role
Just because OMOLARA now holds the beauty pole
Her warmth fills the earth
Her steps depict excellence
Rolling behind her is a twisting bum
Sending signals to all men as it wiggles
A moment not only for the singles
With her bosom, large and succulent
She takes sexy to a whole new length
Manifesting her charm like a real goddess
All quiver at her touch
Free me! Free me! They all exclaimed
Trapped in the beauty of OMOLARA
A maiden that seduces gods
For your return, we anticipate
Love me, want me is all i crave
Perfection is all have found in you
From your head to your toes
And your curves that destroys all foe
Omolara, the pan Africa woman
Patewo and shuku (Yoruba-tribe hairstyle) makes her irresistible
Fair in complexion like the sun
Omoge adun baarin (a maiden that is pleasant to walk with)
Hardwork is her motto
Though she looks pretty and delicate
Omolara, fends for her beauty
And makes all crave her
Omolara, the night is so cold
Silence creeps in; into the calm breeze
Hold me tight in your romantic aura
Thus, i fall to an eternal rest
Your lips; the freshness of a strawberry
Caressing my tongue all the way down
Soothing beyond life itself
A moment to withhold again and again
Voice so tiny, it makes you elated
The chirping of the nightingale, so related
Her melody calls to all creatures
Like Cinderella, she tames all human nature.
Arewa, elerin muse muse (a beauty with captivating smiles)
Smile so delicate that it cuts through the heart
Leaving all perplexed, at the same time “at rest”
Truly, Omolara, “YOU’RE A GODDESS”
by Tokede Daniel

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