I am bringing them back from beneath the earth
The dead memories of us that you thought
You buried on your own when you said it was over.

The feet of our past is outside of the graveyard
We will have to dig up the bittersweet past
So that we can bury it together for good at the end.

The rendezvous has ended like a movie,
We have chosen the hero and the villain
But before then, what happened to the
Forehead kisses and our palms conversation?

What happened to the midnight poetry?
Why did we end our Friday afternoon story?
The evening conversation under the tree
And countless lonely night walk under the florescent?

Did we also threw away the promises and dreams?
The “I will conquer your fear words of relief”?
Did we also become distant like the heaven to earth?
What went wrong that hot Tuesday afternoon?

But I miss us doing those palms conversation,
Did I tell you how strange it was walking alone
Under the florescent light on Friday night?
Did I tell you how boring it was talking only to
My diary every night just because you are gone?

But if wishes were air that we breath,
I will choose to bury myself with our past,
Just like what we are about to do now.

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Written by Oyawale Olabode


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