Hip Hop is a sacred genre of music; it’s probably the only genre that can combine all genres of literature to make a single record without deviating from the beauty of creativity. Most hip-hop faithful has come in term with the fact that hip-hop is a special literature that is really deep in content and rich in rhythm. It’s an ancient analogy of sound that deals with more of witty saying, storytelling, poetry and crazy use of the figurative expression that will leave you wondering how deep the mind of a rapper has traveled before reaching that point of making simple words sound complex and abstract.

Over the years, the rap industry has evolved and there has been a lot of subset of hip-hop sound by various artistes and the introduction of contemporary African sound, Caribbean sound, jazz fusion and domesticated alternative rock among others into hip hop. But something has refused to change about hip hop, and that is the uniqueness it brings in terms of lyrical depth. Hip hop is nothing but raw and there is no sound out there that can replace the originality it is known for. It is not meant for everybody and not every mind has the ability to decipher the lyrical dexterity a passionate rapper is putting into words. Nevertheless, rap is still one of the best genres of music that is everlasting.

A few years back, trap music has been compared to hip hop and so many people believe it will soon replace the traditional hip-hop vibe, but I am yet to buy that idea owing to the fact that I have been thoroughly diffused into rap and I live for it. All over the world, music has been seen as a viable tool for so many things and in some instances, it has been a unifying force across cross-cultural context and still extols by many core hip-hop faithful. It is not really about the beat or the vibe that counts when we distinguish between rap and trap music, we are talking about being witty with lyrics while sounding hard as much as possible.

If you are a hip-hop fan, you will understand it’s more than the music or the sound that makes it unique; it is the rich culture rap music preach. It is our way of life that we have kept sacred since we got baptized into it. If you still feel cheated by the fact that rap is too hyped, then I won’t recommend any artist to clear your doubt, because you are still leaving in the past while the whole world is in the future.

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Written by Oyawale Olabode


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