This is democracy,
Where we say we practice
Government of the people,
Government by the people
And government for the people.

This is democracy,
Where the cats, the dogs, the rats,
The goats, the pigs and the antelopes
Were to choose a Lion as a subordinate
But they ended up choosing a hungry Tiger.

This is democracy,
Where the white dove’s choice
To be protected by an eagle
Turned out to be its own violator
Till it was caged almost to death.

This is democracy
Where man has gotten a voice
That deserves to be heard by everyone
But he can’t speak out at all
Because he is scared of his own lips.

This is democracy,
Where Mama’s smallest finger
Was bitten off by the fierce wind
And Papa’s groin and two big balls
Were beaten and broken by the rain.

This is democracy,
Where the voice of my sister
Became like that of a prophet
In the wilderness. And my brother’s
Ears turned into a home of noise.

This is democracy,
What Uncle warned me never to touch.
This is the big place. This is where
A madman becomes a psychiatrist.
Demo crazy. Crazy demo. Crazy mode.

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Written by Jacob Temidayo


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