Ngozi, my mistress in distress
Her bosom filled with no stress
Cuddle me up like a new birth
Every day we run and play in dirt
Beauty! I found on her face
Many suitors queue for the race
Longing to have her as a game
Yet i sit with my dame
Ngozi, my mistress
Sexy; comes with a new seamstress
Short, fitted and armless
Curvy and thick but harmless
Her voice beats that of the nightingale
Sweet, melodious and subtle, to make me hale
Serenades by an angel of emotions
To twist and turn my head in random motion
Ngozi, the beholder of many pleasures
A strong woman in all measures
From her delicacies that one will forever savour
To her bedroom prowess and flavour
Stich me up with love, forever more
Let me yarn and yarn for more
Touch me with the pleasures of heaven
And i will make your laps my safe haven
Ngozi, my mistress
My dame with all sort of interest
Beauty; in the colour “black”
Booty, that makes all slack
I careless for my life
Like i never did to my wife
Passion has taken me wild
Into a home where romance is piled
Call me selfish and wicked
A backstabber and a hypocrite
My heart will forever be with Ngozi
To cherish and adorn her with love
Ngozi, will always be my mistress
At all times even in distress
To fill me with an ending love
Which i hope to give back as a faithful dove.
written by Tokede Daniel

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