You do not
need to be a millionaire to stay happy. You don’t even need anything smaller
than that to be, for happiness lies within a person. To be happy is a thing of
the mind; it should be a willing necessity and not an option.

No matter how
people try to taint your happiness, it depends on you if you want to succumb to
it, for you do not need anything to make you feel glad and contented. Remember,
this world is full of everybody else, you own the key to your joy, it’s in no
one hands.
As far as
you can dialogue within yourself and say that you will survive through this,
you will have what you say. For so many of us have been cheated by miscreants,
people who felt they had everything, we have been neglected by people whom we
looked up to, only for us to realize that if we kept our happiness in the hands
of people, they tend to take it away from us when they feel like.
In life, we
should be determined never to be downcast by people in possession than us. For
we came into this world alone, we know we have been through rejection and
subjugation, we will fight for our happiness and get it back never to put it in
the hands of anyone else.
written by Ajayi Olubiyi

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