You know! If you really want to live long, never come in
between two lovers. That is nature, no matter the challenge they may be facing,
as long as it’s the love that brought them together, that love is able to help
solve their problem and make them come back together.
For love is something that is peculiar, we can’t explain it, it’s
unanswerable. What you just need to do is stay calm and watch them settle it.
For its in times like this they both learn to grow strong, it’s better to keep
ones mouth shut and just carry along. This world is beautiful, there are some
things we can’t but just accept the fact that this thing called Love is like
our computer screen; we open it and it’s our doors we shut.
To be in
love is something no one can explain. Even if one is being hurt by the other
emotionally, the only thing to do is to help them in prayers; learn from it. For
if heaven can testify to this thing which is the feelings growing between two
lovers, then who are you to put it off. Everything in life is based on Love.
Love is just Love.

written by Ajayi Olubiyi


October 15, 2016


October 15, 2016