Here comes the day
When the preparation of many months is put to test
A wrestle of horror and survival it is called
The prize being a gain of one or a loss of two

With a heart heavy and a water broken
With face stricken with worry and anxiety
The hour finally creeps in
When the room of lights must be visited

The whole room reeks of hygiene
Such beautiful place where life is sometimes lost
How can it be that a place this pure
Could bring forth life and take it too

The first spasm of pain tears through her spine
She struggles to keep her lungs opened
This fight I must win
This bundle I must birth

He goes for her lumbar next
But that does not do the trick
So he hits at her cervix
With so many reds she is sure to be scared

Moji braves these many ordeals
Her mind is fixated on the price
Whatever it takes she murmurs to herself
Whatever it takes keeps her going

And like that a head is seen
Between placating her and urging her on
A new wave of strength hits
“This fight I must win” she says

He won’t let go of her till the end
And so he reaches for her lungs
Almost leaving her with nothing to inhale
But she fights to keep them working

Again a round she won
So he pulls the final trick
Pulling hard at the thread of her heart
In a bid to stop them both

Without doubt she was prepared
Fighting hard to free her heart
And harder to get the bundle out
That way the bundle has a chance

For her persistence the trunk is out
And with patience the legs follow too
And for her fight she is rewarded with a cry
A melodious noise that comforts her

Many a heroine have walked the earth
None directly affecting my life
But Moji gave life to me
And was willing to give hers so I can have mine

What is more comforting to man
Knowing someone values your live much more than theirs
Especially having found the truth
That survival is man’s basic instinct

There is no greater blessing than this
And no greater sacrifice than that
And no greater comfort to find
For it is one of many ways heroines are made.

 About Fadiji Oyinkansola

She is a doctoral student, a scientist in training, art lover, serial entrepreneur, irreversible romantic and godmother thrice. She is an ambivert, with a weird sense of humor, known to be notoriously private, conventionally unconventional with an interest in causes that centers on women, girls and education. She is a movie junkie, voracious reader and a becoming fashionista with an unreasonable love for everything.
You can reach her via
Facebook: Oyinkansola Fadiji
Twitter: @FemaleGCFR



May 22, 2017


May 22, 2017