I saw it, late at night
The moon arched lonely in the sky: a star-less night
The trees bowed to me as the wind nudged them around
Cold shivers ran down my spine.

I saw it, in the dusk of the night
Its face glowed with hunger
Its eyes burned with fire
Raggedy black hairs ran down its shoulders
Beards bushier and thicker than suburb twines.

I saw it, in the thick of the night
Whatever took that humanoid form wasn’t human
A homunculus maybe
But it felt real, radiating body heat as mine
But claws and fangs bared in an attacking position.

I saw it, dark reflections of the night
I stood in front of the window frame
The Luna rays showed me myself in front of a mirror
Human or not human, i asked myself.

I saw, in the dark, my dark side
The monster yearning to get loose
Behind the wall of my mind, I am it
Because I saw it
Because I saw me.

Written by Osijo Adedeji



May 20, 2017


May 20, 2017