Let your Grace find you and the moon catch you
For within you is where you belong entirely
In your Adams garden beneath, where your all is found
Show yourself thy love, let it pour over you
Let it pass over you like you will always be alright
For you are not alone, let yourself be with you tonight
Hope for all thoughts you wish to explode therein
You are only into what it seems to be overwhelming
And your stars be with you guiding your life
Probably, it happens when within you, you feel down
Don’t worry, you will catch yourself before night falls
Find yourself and tell yourself you will be fine
You are weak and tired, your shoulder is high enough
Keep your secret with your utmost feelings
You are sitting there watching you go before yourself
Your love doesn’t lie, it’s true; I know this
Hope for it all day long and pray God be with you tonight.
written by Ajayi Olubiyi

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