Your eyes are as blue as the sky
Your small thin lips like that of a ladybird
Your fragile body like that of a rainbow which brings a strong sensation.

Few moments spent with you seem like a lifetime
Few months of knowing you, like an eternity.

Your presence feels like a fresh breeze brushing my skin
Because your smile brings life
And everything in your eyes, like a blazing fire consuming my soul.

Your words still echo in my ear, rings a bell in me.
Your pleasant friendship is more than a love acquired.

If I could choose, I’d choose a pleasant soul of your understanding over a million words of care.

I couldn’t get to be with you for long but I carry the few moments of laughter, love, understanding, hope, and life I shared with you.

With you, my worries were like thrashed pieces of paper.
You lighted up the dying flame of inner happiness in me.
You once again gave me the happiness I once lost.

My heart still aches for not having the one I reach for
Because the one I care for get bothered even more than myself.
It’s like reaching for a surprise of the rainbow so near yet not getting it.

My soul still yearns for that fragile one who got me smiling just by his thoughts.

Only if I could choose,
I will choose the sacred friendship of impossible love we share.

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Written by Adegun Wuraola



January 25, 2019


January 25, 2019