Food, Cloth, Shelter,
The basic needs of Man.
These they failed to cater,
Leaving us to dwell in ban.
Tell me, is this what we deserve?
They call us leaders of tomorrow,
Yet, grey hairs handle the realm of affairs,
Making the youths wait in sorrow,
For the time they will grow grey hairs.
Tell me, is there hope for tomorrow?

After the struggle for admission,
Poverty still cause many untimely passing out,
Leaving few to taste convocation,
While others became touts.
Tell me, do they make education our right?
They call employment opportunities our right,
Yet, we suffer from unemployment.
Millions of youth run to betting sites,
Why? Because they lost hope in government.
Tell me, is employment still our right?
Constitution provides right to security,
Yet, home of peace bombed into pieces,
Avengers wage war in southern ethnicity,
Making our soldiers unlucky trade pieces.
Tell me, do they make security our right?
They said we have freedom of speech,
But the aftermath wasn’t guaranteed.
We cry in high pitch,
Still they don’t listen.
Tell me, do we still need to talk?
On paper, we have right to peaceful protest,
But here comes our friends in black,
Changing protest to racing Contest,
Run for your life or your sight go dark.
Tell me, do we still have right to this?
Poor electricity, Bad road,
No water supply.
The blueprint is very bold,
Yet we foolishly comply.
Tell me, is good social amenities still our right?
They travel overseas for treatment,
And stocked us with inferior drugs,
Health sector lack proper equipment’s,
Imagine a sick bed with bugs.
Tell me; is this our medical Service right?
After all this, I came with a conclusion,
Nothing is right here, meaning we have no right,
What we have on paper is mere confusion,
Which has metamorphosed to great myths.
by Akinola Samson


January 20, 2017


January 20, 2017