For he is annoyed within himself knowing not the cause
All day long, his heart has not been cool with him
What might be happening to him, we ask
Maybe he is looking for a special spot for a forever love
Waiting patiently for that person who would right his wrong
The keeper of his heart, in thee he waits for

Like he is drunk, empty words fill his mouth
Like deep tears staying up in his eyelids
He can’t wait to explode his heart desires, he is waiting
He is like drafting out jargons from his empty self
Let enough, what must be going on inside of him
He is restless within, his folks are nowhere to behold
He is lost, help him find himself, he is thus; still waiting
For if his dreams would answer to his deeds
It would be for his lover to find him immediately
For he can’t wait to offload all within him
Even if he is just speaking gibberish because of his
sorrowful moment.
Asleep he falls.

written by
Ajayi Olubiyi

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