Experience they say; is the best teacher. You cannot be taught by life and wouldn’t remember the experience you learnt from it. I always thought life will present itself to you the way you wished but the reverse was what I encountered on my first quest of looking for a job. As someone who hasn’t had much experience or no experience at all in job searching, I knew life was not a bed of roses. You need to know what happened to me this day as I begin to unravel what you seem not to know. These was how looking for my first job made me feel

  1. It made me feel unimportant

For the first time in my life, i felt unimportant. So unimportant that what i had to say didn’t matter. That was what happened to me that day. As a young man dressed up in my nice shirt and pair of trousers with a well-polished shoe, I felt I was going to get any job straightaway not until I was made to feel like the other thousands of young and old people looking for that same job

2. It made me realize I need to become my own boss

If you ever feel that the journey to success is smooth, then you must be joking. As time passed by after a long walk, I looked down my shoes and indeed it was getting dusty. This made me realize I need to buckle up and think myself to a better future and not running around looking for a job I wasn’t going to get. I couldn’t bear the fact that I was thirsty but couldn’t remove out of the money I had with me for the fear of not trekking more long distances. I said to myself “Man up”

3. It made me more Humble

Only when you are defeated by a certain challenge do you remember that you have to give up to go up. I was forcefully made to understand the stress of looking for a white collar job and made to respect those who actually got one. I had to become more humble in the game of life unless, twice will I be beaten again and still won’t be shy.

4. It made me know the difference between working to get money and receiving money

School, I say covers the flaws of students. To truly chase your dreams, you ought to have the mindset of working your way out of poverty and mediocrity. Money they say doesn’t fall from the sky. You have got to work for it. I was made to understand that no matter the token we may receive from anyone, it should be our priority to account for each dime until its last because those who work hard for their money doesn’t spend it anyhow.

5. It made me know I need to move closer to God

Had you walked round looking for a job like I did, you should know that God has a major role to play in our life. I was so dilapidated this day that I made up my mind to give God enough room in my life so that I won’t get to walk too hard to recognize the opportunities opened for me. You might feel you are closer to God but the truth is we are never too closer to Him.

I was given the first stroke of life situations that day. I had learnt my lessons. In life there are challenges we would come across; feel free to make them hit you, you are in the real sense getting stronger to fight back. My first experience is something I will forever remember. Was your first experience has interesting as mine? Feel free to speak your mind.

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