When you give a ring,
There’s silence at both ends.
Our text history,
Is as full as space.
Can we talk?
Like we used to,
Late into the dark nights,
Sitting calm in terror.

At a corner
Watching kids play.
Then I remembered how
We’d run up and down corridors,
Wiggling in and out of trouble.
Can we play?
Like we used to.
Making all others jealous|
Of a bond so tight.

Heard someone laugh
And couldn’t help remembering
The crazy old days
Of jest and humor.
Can we laugh?
Like we used to.
At ourselves and others,
To bring back good memories.

Day in, day out,
The space seems to grow wider.
We’ve stopped building, helpless.
With arms wrapped up, watching
Our thing as it sinks.
Don’t know if we can save it.
If there’s any to do,
Can we?

Written by Oluwumi Oyekanmi


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