What happens to us when all we think should be right goes otherwise? It gets difficult to deal with when the slightest of the situation we know not about. We believe everything hurts us down our spine not thinking about the lost it has caused majority.

And here I am listening to myself soliloquizing about how you could sense something good but later end up in despise and despair. Maybe it’s just what needed to make a weak heart strong enough. I often ask myself why difficulties pose itself to one almost all the time. When one trial ends, another begins.

Not until I had a feeling in me that don’t give in to those difficulties; you will only regret what you did. Then something within me told me that “it gets tough when the break light is imminent”. That is true; memorable moments await one who has staked the chances of having one.

It may look like tough moments will never cease but that’s only a mirage; you are not seeing the real thing. Believe in what you carry within because that is what is going to be required of you to fight till the end.

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