To her;
It all looks like waves,
Like a wind in an ocean,
Like a flatus from the balloon knot,
Or like a sudden busted tyre of a bicycle.

To her;
It looks like dream,
Like an event in the mind,
Silence, hush and dumb.
She refuses to voice out,
Will she remain like that?

She sent Friends faraway,
Turned herself to a foe,
Hatred is what she has for herself,
All because there’s a fall on her face.
As she wallow in self-pity,
She thought, is this not a shame?

But she’s dying daily,
With voices echoing in her ear.
Break the silence today,
Wake up once again,
Come to Life once again,
Or is it not beautiful to be here?

Of course it is, and it is a privilege,
To love yourself again.
Voice out to your chums today,
Ally with them with love,
Break the silence in you,
Only then, can you taste the sweetness of a bitter leaf.

Written by Oni Ifeoluwadamilola


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