Let me tell you something you should never have heard from
me. Though you may think I do not know what am saying but the truth is all I
have got to tell you. Please forget those feelings that grew within me for you,
I guess I must have been so stupid to think that anything called love could
ever exist between the both of us.

I just got to understand now that all has been futile and I
am ready to let go of whatever has happened between the both of us. I wished we
could go higher than what we saw limiting us but all is in vain, I guess we go
our ways and stop acting like we are both in love. There is nothing that can
happen between us again; after-all I believed that trial you wished convinced
you that I am all capable.
For we both should act like we never stayed under the same
roof and keep our friendship or love-life like we never met. We both will find
our true love; there is no reason to rush. I know I might not have those words
big enough to woo you but believe me I will get better because our meeting was
for a lesson and not just a mistake. Drink up to those moments we shared
together for I have made up my mind none can ever happen again.

written by
Ajayi Olubiyi


February 16, 2017


February 16, 2017