Dangling peaches of glory.
Carved from the best ivory.
Amulets of reverse melody,
So forward in every forms of remedy.
Daniel’s robe; sweeping the king’s palace.
To and fro, swerving in every direction.
Fluffy crimson laced with white chiffon,
Shimmering in the night under the dark blue skies.
Tis’ a garment of war,
Battles within the walls,
To be fought and sought.
With spoils of freedom or heart-pains.
Zeal will fail when the battle draws nigh,
Resting on the shoulders of naught; hope.
Adieu will tears bidding be at this high.
Agony of every heart.
Flashes of light at the tunnel,
Unstable like the love’s funnel,
Too little too much; the dead man’s weight.
Mutiny to every loving soul.
Howdy! Thoughtless lovers.
Claiming to be adorned by love.
Adieu to y’all; my bidding from home,
For nothing last long enough, not even in eternity.
by Tokede Daniel

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