Looking afar off,
A long lasting cloud stares
What glory it bears
A sight; prying so tough
Shooting as a star night comet
An aimless man with no regret
Musketeers in trinity
Men who seek the Christ in purity
Not disturbed by any rave
O’Bother not; so early to be at grave
Gracious sisters!! Messengers of God
Clinging and clinching unto faith as iron rod
Soothing words they say
Talking and preaching, that we may
Embrace the gospel as donkey to hay
Gracious Sister!!! Bless my heart
Unlike the bee, makes no buzz
No not one; a single to plant
Shot a bullet to love as army’s guns
Bidding farewell and along, we journeyed
Seeds to plant, crows to feed
Not a single thought, none to bid
Rumbling and tumbling, the days rolled
Not a single burden, none to be atoned
Alas! There is more than it meets the eye
Hoping for good day ahead
Disappointed, not moved
Craving for soothing words to hear
Luck came into limelight
As though it was an appointment
Along and along we moved
Slowly and steadily to the groove
Good friend, faithful brother
Captured in the net love
Good friend, loving brother
Heavenly sent from above
Careful in dealings and knows no bother
Aspiring and intending to care
Is I, whose heart is tender to bear
As a bird, its nest it knows
Wanting a companion and so grows
Thirsty for love and care
What a fate have i
Whom is loved watches and passes by
With a prick in me; an injured heart
What luck has i
Like searching in the daytime for a bat
Not compromising, not shaken
Are we whose soul is a little taken?
Bursting in flames is ego
Despising one to a tip toe
Resigning to destiny
Is me whose luck bad as can be.

by Rowland Emmanuel


November 2, 2016


November 2, 2016