Though it’s been a while since we saw, I remembered the first
day we met, everything looks ideal far more than real, we talked with so much
passion knowing not the obstacle we would face the soon coming week. And of
course, we couldn’t hear from each other, though we never forgot about one
Days, months, years went back and I could still retain that
feelings I once had inside of me, I picked up my phones to reach out to you,
indeed you were deeply into me as well, I never knew you could still remember
me. For sure, you surprised me by telling me you want to show up, I was
candidly happy and marveled, thinking within me how we are going to hold
passionately to one another.
And the day really came, I saw you and I knew I would and can
be a forever fool for you again, you took my head away from my heart, I
couldn’t get you out from my mind, not again. But something was holding me back
from the love unraveling from my mind. Oh dear, am shut of words, I then
realized  I can’t just make that bodily
contact with you, I never knew what it feels to miss someone so dear and
finally getting back to see that person again.
I guessed I have been a fool, I couldn’t do what you expected
of me, you would be long gone again I suppose, but remember you will always be
on my mind, for its in you I belong, please say me well when you finally come
in contact with your heart.
written by Ajayi Olubiyi

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