I want to feel loved back; I want to forget all the bad relationships I was in one way or the other. Now is the time for me to pull through those lust moments in my life and forge ahead into the hurly-burly of life. I knew and still remembered those hugs I received those times when I thought love was everywhere in sight of anyone. Just as I know moving forward is a bit difficult, I have vowed to continue to reach up despite what maybe.

Now is no more ugly hookups and date, those were in the past and I don’t belong there anymore. I swore not to forget the fact that you promised never to leave me for any person, I still remembered when you told me right into my eyes, am not dump, I still can think. Though you feel you have won, it’s not finished yet until it is; I still keep a little space in my mind for you, that dreaded hate I will never overlook. You thought I won’t be able to pick up my leftover; I am not as easier than you thought.

But thank you for the gift you presented to me on my birthday, at least it’s something I can get by myself, you told me it was the first you ever bought for a close one like me, I appreciate those lies you beckoned into my ears. Humans are rarely stupid when it comes to love, though I have learned from my foolishness, I will never get trapped twice no matter the different approaches you use.

What can I still continue to say, what do you think is going on right now in my mind, what do you think you made out from me, for your information, the battle is not lost yet, it’s just the beginning. After writing this to you, my next step is to gather a search party to find you, I always told you I may know nothing but I am everything you thought I could be. I will make sure I hunt you down until I get your knickers off your waist.

This is my real me, it may sound absurd to you, I never disliked you all my life until you made me understand so long that my kneel began to hurt. I will make sure I
destroy you and make sure you don’t destroy anyone you try to get to.

In life, never deceive people just because you want to get something from them. As read, the guy swayed the lady and left her in pain, now she has made up her mind to track him down and destroy is life too. Ask yourself this question, what is finally going to happen when they meet?. Be of good motives when entering a relationship, life is too short to make people cry.

This applies to everyone, both the gentlemen and ladies out there.

A Modified 2016/07/10 Article

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