You were cold, I remember, I stood the test of time, I became
everything you wished I could become, I showered you with lot of loves, there
was nothing inside of you that I didn’t feel, for I knew I was into you and
nothing could take away that warmth feelings towards you.
Yea, we promised to be of help to one another when needed, we
felt we were going to make good friends. For the first time we met, it felt as
if we were meant to stay with each other. For everything within me was wanting
all of you, all I needed was time to tell how I feel, it was sooner I decided
to let you know.
But all of a sudden, I became hot and troubled, cold and
disturbed. I needed warmth, I needed someone to hold me and tell me those words
that will keep me back on track, only to find out that you couldn’t stay with
me when things were uneasy, for you made me know the true you just because you
felt am not being so caring enough. You bothered not to ask what’s wrong with
me, for I knew how much you needed someone when I showed up.
For life is full of cookies that crumble, breakups out of
mistrust. I never felt I could lose so much hope in just a little time. For one
cannot hide from the light, one’s true self is always shown no matter what.
 written by Ajayi Olubiyi

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