Where can we actually start from, from whence can we say that
all these came from? For there is something in us that tells us something isn’t
right, for there is something within us that tells us we are not worshippers
enough. For we are bothered thoroughly within us and we can’t help ourselves
but to give thanks and worship the one who made everything in life a light to
For today is the beginning of another chapter in our life,
how do we value every of our moment, for there is only one life to live and
it’s a brief one. How do we want to give account on the way we lived our life? How
do we want to face the maker of all that we couldn’t worship and do his works
while on earth? For the secret of blessings is thanksgiving. How many of us
devote moments to worship God?
For this life is vanity, there is nothing we brought into
this world that we would take back when we die, so let’s use the few moments of
life we have left and use it judiciously well exploring and establishing what
our creator has bestowed unto us. For either in the opening or closing stage of
our life, gratitude unto God our creator is necessary.
written by Ajayi Olubiyi

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