Most times, it feels like everything is lost especially when
you do not get what you crave for. You know, it’s so painful to be beside
someone you love just for the person to lay far away from you. Life is full of
ups that seem not to come down. It’s so out of the mind that you wonder why
life tends to put you in such a situation just to see your flaws.

For these are those moments when you need the presence of
your partner, it’s a period when the table should turn out for the both of you.
This is the moment when everything seemed cool but something just comes and
takes it all off and you begin to wonder what the problem is or who’s at fault.
But it’s high time you take your own path and know nothing worthwhile can ever
occur between the both of you.
For this is the thought of a person who feels jilted in love,
the person may not seem to understand now but definitely they will both learn
to go their separate ways even if it’s so tough to separate. For it’s for the
betterment of both parties as long as friends-zone is been initiated.

written by
Ajayi Olubiyi

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